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Many thousands of Kiwis have found happiness using NZDating, here's a small selection of stories from generous couples sharing their romantic experiences.

  • 'Our success story.'

    Our story begins in March 2004 when I happened to come across the profile of a local man, which appealed to me. He had a big smiley face and an open and honest sounding ad. I emailed him and found that he was quite new to the site. We corresponded a couple of times before I ventured out and gave him my phone number to give me a call a couple of evenings after we first started chatting.

    We talked for a couple of hours before it suddenly became apparent that we had gone to the same school together - and not only that, as we are the same age, we were there at the same time and knew a lot of the same people. Rob could vaguely remember me but I could not, for the life of me, recall him at school.

    This revelation served to bring us together quicker as were keen to meet up and share stories about school and friends and, of course, to get to know each other better. Rob could only manage to wait until lunchtime the next day before texting me inviting my daughter and I to join him
    It was an exciting and life changing evening.
    for dinner at the local rugby club - big romantic thing he is!!!

    For both of us it was the next best thing to love at first sight - that came on our second date. We talked as though we had been close friends for years. It was an exciting and life changing evening. We learned
    That we had lots of things about our lives that were so similar and coincidental that it was more than just fate that we should get together. A couple of things being that my first husband, whom I lost the day after we married and whom I always considered to be my soul mate, and Rob share the same birthday. Rob's brother and my first husband died of the same thing (a not very typical illness) and in the same year. On occasions, apart from school, we were in the same place at the same time and probably only standing a few feet apart. I could go on about other coincidences but I won't.

    Our first date was 18 March 2004. In October that year we were joking about a matter related to the TV programme "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and Rob indicated he had a question for me - I rushed off and got him a bit of paper to write his question down on so that I could read it before I answered. Of course, it was a proposal - which I quickly scribbled my answer to along the bottom. That piece of paper is framed on our bedroom wall with two of our favourite wedding photos flanking it.

    On 18 March 2005 we held an engagement party and married exactly one year later (and two years from our first date) on 18 March 2006.

    Rob's 16-year-old son and my 14-year-old daughter were our witnesses and we married in the garden of our Pokeno property with 80 of our dearest friends and family around us. We wandered down the street having photos taken in the countryside that surrounds us and then joined our guests to dine on homegrown meat and fresh salads. It was a beautiful day and the thought of it still brings tears to my eyes remembering the happiness we both felt that day.

    18 months later we are getting on with our lives together and with our children. NZDating was and still is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to us - without it we would not be as happy as we are now.

    We have many plans ahead of us and each day I wonder at the intense love I feel for the man you brought me to. Thank you.

    Best regards


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