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  • 'Our story'

    His txt to me after saying goodbye was "ur gorgeous".
    It all started with a one liner on NZDating "well Im totally interested in knowing more about tell" on 27 Aug 2005. So I checked his profile and he sounded interesting enough, we swapped pics and started chatting as you do. He was from Tauranga and I had just bought a house in Hamilton. 4 days later and we had exchanged numbers and started txting when I get a txt saying he had decided to take the day off and come over and meet me if I was interested?? We arranged to meet at Turtle Lake in the Hamilton Gardens and so the nerves started to kick in as they do. It was a beautiful autumn day and my 1 yr old daughter and I would enjoy the gardens whether or not this guy turned out to be someone I would like to get to know.

    He txtd me to see what I was wearing so he would recognise me and when I asked him in return he said, Stubbies, Lion Red T, jandels and smoking a rolly!!! Should have been a warning about his sense of humor I guess - lol. Needless to say he was nicely dressed and we hit it off very quickly, we spent a lovely 4 hrs chatting (and a little bit of kissing) in the sun that afternoon. His txt to me after saying goodbye was "ur gorgeous". I invited him over the following weekend and I think both of us knew pretty quickly that we had something special. November saw him moving from Tauranga to live with us and, in January 2006, at Wyuna Bay in the Coromandel he proposed saying "marry me Annie P". The ring was very special (pic attached) and later I picked a beautiful diamond ring (of course that means I said yes).

    We were married early this year on the steps at Turtle Lake, Hamilton Gardens where we met. It was another beautiful sunny day and the day was perfect. Now we get to the 'living happily ever after' part.

    Thanks NZDating for introducing us

    Ann & Nathan

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