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Many thousands of Kiwis have found happiness using NZDating, here's a small selection of stories from generous couples sharing their romantic experiences.

  • 'Forestblue and Vanilla___angel'

    Close to 3 years ago, I recieved a message from a member by the log in of Forestblue. Now, he didn't really seem my I was nice to him, but didn't really give too much away (hoping that I didn't offend him).

    As weeks went by, it seems I hadn't offended him at all, and he persisted with friendly emails... trying hard to get me to talk to him and get to know him. I was a single mum, who had been through her share of heartbreak.... so was reluctant to let anyone in or get too close.

    But Webby, it was one email in particular that he sent to me, which got my attention in the end... and had me nearly falling off my chair laughing.

    My profile was set out like a 'Used Car' advertisement, worded exactly like this:

    "Up for Tender:
    1980 Model, needs some TLC.
    Doesnt speed...likes to take things slow.. A few dents in body work and needs lube change by the right mechanic :) Some TLC will have this motor purring like new again"

    On reading this, Forestblue's next email was
    We are proud to have met via NZDating
    "I got just the tool to fix all your problems". Didn't help that he actually WAS a mechanic and as I said, this had me in I decided to give this man a bit more of my attention than I had been via email.

    We continued to chat via NZDating, phoned each other etc until the end of January 2005, when I finally said yes to meeting Forest (after being very stubborn and shy and putting him off!). And the rest they say, is history!

    I fell in love with this man, as strongly as he fell in love with me.

    Without NZD, there is more than likely no WAY we could have ever met, and we could have missed out on so much.

    We moved in together in May 2005, and were married on the 4th March 2006..... the messageboards were alive with well wishes from friends and people we had never spoken to before. We even still have the Good Luck threads saved to our computer, and will be putting copies of them into our Wedding Album when I get around to sorting it out.

    To add to our happiness and little NZDating family, we are due to become parents in just 7 days time.... with a gorgeous little NZDating baby boy due on the 18th of September.

    So to all those Webby's who will read this, thats our story... a story that we have no shame in sharing with people we meet. We are proud to have met via NZDating, as without this medium, we may have never met in any other way.

    Thanks for an awesome site, that has brought us such happiness. We wish you could see just how much!

    With much love and thanks,

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