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  • 'Our love story'

    Dear all at NZDating. We have a brilliant love story for you to hear about.

    Back in 2004 I decided to try one last time to find my Mr right, (if it didn't work this time I was seriously thinking I would have better luck looking for a female) lol.

    So again I did my profile, I think from memory I was 'huggs111'. I sent a few messages out to some men on the 7th August that I thought would be my type, and I also decided to look for friends instead of a lover.

    I got a couple of replies back but they didn't seem interested as "just friends" so I let it die a bit. About a month later I got a reply from "Mutley" one of the messages I had first sent.

    This guy sounded really nice, but in saying that he also sounded to be unreliable waiting a month to check his messages and reply. I thought I had read his profile really well, but I hadn't and eventually found out a week or so later on the phone that he was totally blind and came as two (him and guide dog).

    We kept in touch on
    This story truly is an awesome one!
    the phone, we would have some really lengthy phone calls and was never stuck for a word to say (well he wasn't anyway :-)).

    Soon my son also enjoyed saying hi to him (he was 18 at the time).

    I really wasn't too much in a hurry to meet Mutley though, I had been dumped too often and really wanted to know if we had enough in common this time. Also I worked with disabled people for a living but knew nothing about the blind community. It was coming up to my 40th birthday and I was planning a night out at the WMC, I had thought about asking him to meet up there, but then chickened out.

    One evening Mutley rang and my son answered the guessed it; my son invited him to my 40th birthday. I think I swore at my son and made it very known I didn't want him to be invited. Mutley said it was fine, he could understand me not wanting to meet when all my family and friends would be there, but I said you've been invited so we will leave it at that and I will look forward to meeting him there. He decided to arrive a little later on for drinks.

    Well the big night arrived, the evening of the 9th October, my birthday was the 10th. We had a gr8 meal and I kept a look out for a guy with ginger hair and a guide dog. I was imagining a skinny guy with a limp, big thick glasses etc. WOW did I get a shock!!!!! Here was this big tall and handsome guy with a dog standing at the bar. As soon as I laid eyes on him I said to my best friend I was going to marry that man!!!!!.

    It was love at first sight (from my end) and we had a really fantastic evening, in fact the evening didn't finish until after our breakfast at Denny's the next morning :-)

    Heaps have happened since that first meeting, we slowly gelled into one, supported each other through everything we did, had a few up's and downs through our own independence issues etc, but we got engaged on the 7th August 2005 and were Married this year on the 17th March 2007. There is a whole lot more to this story you will be interested in, but it takes me too long to type it all in.

    I have included some of our wedding pics for you; we have plenty more if you need them. We married on St Patrick's Day in remembrance of Mutleys late Dad and had the reception at the Shirley stalbans WMC in remembrance of my late Mum. Talking about my Mum, she was very sick so we decided to tell her we had set the wedding date to give her something to look forward to, to keep her going. She was so happy, she loved Mutley as he couldn't see all the stuff she was doing like giving me or Dad the fingers etc hahaha. Would you believe she had a heart attack that afternoon and died the following morning. I say to people we told her to keep her going but instead we killed her :-(.

    I am sure we made her day, and just the thought of us marrying was enough set her free from her pain. Anyway, my tears have arrived; this story truly is an awesome one.

    Thanks so much
    Davena and Kevin

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